North Liberty, a rapidly growing town of more than 15,500, is a great place to sell produce, meat, dairy, handmade goods, ready-to-eat food and other products.

Vendors interested in selling at the market should complete the vendor application. They will receive a confirmation email from the Market Manager once their application has been received. Any questions can be sent to

2017 Market Stall Prices:
$312 — Season Pass: includes all 27 markets, a guaranteed social media feature, and first choice at major event stalls
$78   —  Market Pass: includes any 6 markets, a possible social media feature, and priority for major event stalls
$15   —  A la carte: The price of each market without either a Season/Monthly pass. May include social media feature and first notice about major event reservations.
Major event pricing, such as the market open day, market close day, block party, etc. are priced differently, so please be aware of that when making a reservation for a major event.

A complete list of our guidelines and rules for vendors can be downloaded here.


 Failure to comply with the following rules and regulations will result in the loss of the vendor’s privileges to sell at the market. Thanks for your cooperation.



All persons/businesses wishing to sell at the North Liberty Farmers Market must first apply. Request an application by emailing All stall fees must be paid prior to the start of the market.




Vendor may only sell those products that are approved items and that are grown or made by them. Selling any items acquired from others is prohibited and will result in removal from the market.


A) Fresh fruits and vegetables. Washed and stored in clean containers displayed at least 6” off the ground.

B) Baked goods, which includes breads, cakes, doughnuts, pastries, buns, rolls, cookies, biscuits, and pies. Vendors are not allowed to sell items made from purchased pre-made dough or dry ingredient mixes.

  1. Baked goods must be completely wrapped, covered, bagged or boxed.
  2. Labeling requirements per the Johnson County Health Department.All food must be labeled with the common name of the food and the name and address of the person who prepared the food. Allergen information needs to be declared on the label or by the use of a placard. The following food products are considered major allergens: peanuts, soybeans, milk, eggs, fish, crustacean (crab, lobster or shrimp), tree nuts, and wheat. Food that is prepared in a licensed food establishment or food processing plant must be labeled at a minimum with the following information.
  • Product Name
  • A list of ingredients in order of predominance (by weight).
  • Name and address of the manufacturer, packer, or distributor. Unless the name given is the actual manufacturer, it must be accompanied by a phrase which states the product is “manufactured for” or “distributed by”.
  • Net weight or volume.
  • Allergen information.
  • Nutrition labeling information is required unless exempt. Exemptions may be found on FDA websites

C) Eggs – Refrigerated at 45 degrees of below.

D) Honey

E) Jams, jellies and dried noodles

F) Dried/dehydrated fruits and vegetables plus dry ingredients in a container if shelf stable and non-hazardous.

G) Flowers and plants

H) Arts and handicrafts. All handicrafts must be homemade.

  1. RESTRICTED ITEMS (license required to sell)
  1. Meat and meat products
  2. Cheese
  3. Salsa
  4. Jarred sauces/dressings
  5. Baked goods that require additional licensing include soft pies, meat pies, custard and cream filled products.
  6. Pet treats and pet foods.
  7. Wine
  8. Morel mushrooms
    1. Homemade butter
    2. Raw milk
    3. Home canned/bottled fruits or vegetables
    4. Items made from pre-purchased dough, batters, crusts, or dry ingredient mixes.
    5. Items that are not grown or made by vendor
  1. SAMPLES: All samples offered by vendors must meet the following requirements. Unlicensed vendors (vendors who sell food items that are not required to be prepared in a licensed kitchen) may give away free samples without any regulation from the health department. It is required that these vendors have a hand-washing station.
  1. LICENSES AND PERMITS: It is the responsibility of the vendor to obtain and provide all licenses and permits required for the sale of the vendor’s products at the market. Questions about necessary licenses and permits for your product should be directed to Johnson County Department of Public Health at 319-354-6040.



  1. STALL OCCUPANCY: Vendors may occupy their stalls anytime after 9:30 AM and arrive no later than 10:30 AM. The Market Manager will guide you to your assigned stall. Vendors are required to stay in their stall for the entire market.
  2. START AND END OF MARKET: The start and end of the market may be marked by an announcement. Please consult with the onsite manager for sales before/after market hours.
  3. SHARING OF STALLS: Individual vendors require their own stalls.
  4. EQUIPMENT: Vendors are responsible for providing all equipment necessary for their stall including electricity.
  5. CLEAN UP: Vendors are responsible for cleaning up their stalls and disposing of all waste generated during the market. Failure to do so will result in removal from the market.
  6. VENDOR ABSENCE: Vendors are required to notify the Market Master of their absence 48 hours prior to the start of the market. Vendors who miss more than 3 markets without prior arrangement will not be invited back.
  7. INSURANCE: Vendors are responsible for obtaining their own personal liability and product liability insurance.
  8. DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH: Vendors and their employees are responsible for informing themselves about and complying with federal, state, and local health regulations and licensing requirements governing production, display distribution, sampling, and sale of their products.
  9. WEATHER: The market will carry on rain or shine. In the event of severe weather, vendors will be advised to evacuate the market and take shelter. The market will be reopened when the conditions are safe.



All rules of the market are enforced by the Market Madams and Market Manager who have ultimate on-site authority. Complaints or problems should be directed to the Market Madams in a timely manner. Handling of the complaints will be at the discretion of the Market Madams.